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We would like to introduce you to Pittosporum angustifolium (formerly Pittosporum phillyraeoides), known as Gumby Gumby. It has been published that this plant is a great energy source which can enhance your well-being.

We have long believed in the effectiveness of Gumby Gumby just like the first people already believed in the plant and its secrets for over 50,000 Years.

Thousands of people around the world already know about the benefits of Gumby Gumby and our products. If you don't know about Gumby Gumby and the benefits of our products, we advise you to find out for yourself on this website and elsewhere on the internet, by ordering our products and reading more about this wonderful native plant.

We have collected Gumby Gumby from all over Central Queensland under the supervision of an internationally qualified naturopath. We have developed a line of products full of energy, strength and secrets. To find out more, you have to make your own journey.



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Gumby Gumby Liquid Extract

This is our most potent product, it's stronger than our new line of capsules.
1 x 50 ml Bottle (Buy 2 and save!)
Batch Number: 1948xxx
Product of Australia
Price: AU$ 65.00
Shipping & Handling: See Shopping Cart
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