About Us

We have been in business since 2006 and we are located near Yeppoon in Queensland, Australia. We are not medically certified practitioners, but one of our information sources is an internationally certified naturopath who is involved with our research team.

We continue to undertake research into Pittosporum angustifolium [Gumby Gumby] with the help of European and Australian universities, through stories by an Aboriginal elders woman, and by sifting through mountains of anecdotal evidence, online and offline.

We have researched and used all of our Gumby Gumby products for many years and all of us are personally convinced of their benefits.

Our Gumby Gumby Caspsules, Energy Leaf Tea, Liquid Extract and Tea Powder/Seed are currently classified under the "Food Standards Australian New Zealand FSANZ".

Our Gumby Gumby Salve and Bath Addition are currently classified under the "Cosmetic Standards ICNA".

Please contact us by phone, email or throught our feedback form with further questions.