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I'm using the Gumby Gumby Bubble Bath as a shampoo for our dog once a week. Our dog has a skin condition and none of the shampoos that our vet recommended seemed to help. The Gumby bubble bath does the trick. Our dog scratches himself much less than before and the skin and fur improved. I'm using the bubble bath myself, as shampoo too, it's great for dry skin and damaged hair. I will try the salve next. Gumby Gumby seems to be good stuff. -- Pat, USA

I've been using Gumby Gumby Liquid drops for the last three month and I want to thank you for this wonderful product! It makes my life so much more enjoyable and I have so much more energy. -- Peter, Yeppoon

My life changed dramatically since I've been taking the liquid and the Powder/Seed and using your super bubble bath. Gumby Gumby is an excellent product which makes my body feel very good. -- Klaus, Yeppoon

I'm using your Gumby Gumby salve now for a couple of month and my skin is fantastic purified and moisturised. I will recommend your Products to all my friends. -- Camel, Yeppoon

Your Gumby Gumby liquid is the best thing that I ever found, it gives me so much quality of life back. -- Noel, Yeppoon

The Bath Bombs are absolute great and I really enjoy every minute in the nice warm soft and refreshing bath. My skin gets an excellent moisturised look and feel. -- Dawn, Noose Heads

My daily life improved and I have much more energy after taking your Gumby liquid regulary for over four month. Thank you Gumby Gumby! -- Rhonda, Clontraf

Thank you for creating the wonderful Gumby Gumby Liquid drops, it makes my live so much easier. After only taking the drops for two month I feel so much more strength and my body tells me every day to keep going. -- Cathy, Yeppoon

I have been drinking the tea for some months now and I'm full of energy again. Thank you very much. -- Peter, Caloundra