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How to use Gumby Gumby

Everybody can use our Gumby Gumby products. We have hundreds of convinced and satisfied customers, young and old people, who are using our Gumby Gumby products already for years. Many of these people have told us that they feel more energetic, refreshed and relaxed when using Gumby Gumby regularly. Additionally they also find a number of other measures very helpful to increase the benefits of Gumby Gumby.

We collected their suggestions and compiled the Seven Golden Rules.

# 1 Choose not to Smoke
# 2 Limit Alcohol
# 3 No Illicit drugs
# 4 Less Sugar
# 5 Less Fat
# 6 No Stress
# 7 The most important rule: The strength to follow these rules to enjoy a healthy lifestyle!

Our research has shown that our Gumby Gumby Products have no serious side effects, but some people are very sensitive, so please check the ingredient list for allergens or sensitivities that may be specific for you.

We have only had very positive feedback and are very proud of our Gumby Gumby products. You can pamper your skin and body with our Gumby Gumby Salve or Bath Additions, and get a real energy boost with our Gumby Gumby Tea, Liquid or Powder.

The following applications are available from our products page:
NOTE: Our products are food supplements and cosmetical applications only. We therefore advise you to do your own internet research for information about the benefits of Pittosporum angustifolium leaveas which our Gumby Gumby products are made of.

Due to ongoing demand from customers we now offer two different kinds of Gumby Gumby Capsule.
Liquid Extract / Powdered Leaves Capsule - This capsule is a vegan capsule size 0, filled with powdered leaves of Pittosporum angustifolium and dried Gumby Gumby Liquid Extract. Choose this type of capsule if you want to boost your energy for sports and exercising, school and work, or during sickness. Take 2 capsules three times a day with or after meals.
This capsule is the stronger one of our two types of capsules. The daily dosage of six capsules equals the amount of 12 cups of Gumby Gumby Tea. Our Gumby Gumby Liquid Extract is still the most potent of our products; the daily dosage of three full droppers equals 20 cups of Gumby Gumby Tea.
Powdered Leaves Capsule - This capsule is a vegan capsule size 0, filled with our aromatic powdered leaves of Pittosporum angustifolium. It is less potent than the Liquid Extract / Powdered Leaves Capsule. The daily dosage of six capsules equals the amount of 6 cups of Gumby Gumby Tea. Take two capsules three times a day with or after meals for more energy and overall well-being.

Liquid Extract
We have also developed a liquid extract and it has shown to be highly effective. The liquid extract is about 20 times as potent as the tea, and it can save you a lot of valuable time. You can take this little bottle anywhere. Only 15-20 drops three times a day is very easy to manage. To get the full characteristic taste you can put the Gumby Gumby Liquid Extract directly in your mouth and dissolve it for at least 1 minute. The results have been astounding. Or mix 15-20 drops in ½ glass of water or juice. Many of our costumers have told us that our Gumby Gumby Liquid Extract has special qualities. For more information please do your own research.

We officially added our new Gumby Gumby Soap to our product line due to ongoing demand from satisfied customers who used our soap samples. We only use the best ingredients made from our own Gumby Gumby Leaf Tea concentrate, essential oils, Vitamin E, and pure 100% goats milk. Our Gumby Gumby Soap moisturizes and purifies the skin. You can use Gumby Gumby Soap for your hands and face or for a whole body wash. Suitable for all skin types.

Traditionally Gumby Gumby has been used as a tea made from harvested, dried and crushed Gumby Gumby leaves. It is a very refreshing and energetic drink (cold or hot) with its characteristic taste. The tea is made in one liter batches and consumed over a set time. It can then be taken daily in amounts as little as 80-120 ml. We were told by many of our costumers that Gumby Gumby Tea has special qualities. If you want to know more please search the internet for more Gumby Gumby information.

Tea Powder/Seed
The traditional Gumby Gumby has also been used as a Powder/Seed made from the same harvested, dried and ground Gumby Gumby leaves and ground Gumby Gumby seeds. This powder is an aromatic spice, it has the characteristic taste of the leaf and it can also be very good for your well-being. Add ¼ Teaspoon to a ½ glass of water or juice of your choice or, for a really great taste, add the powder into a mixture of a ½ glass of water and 1 tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar. Add honey if you like.

Part of our Gumby Gumby product line is our wonderful salve. It is a moisturising and soothing blend of the Gumby Gumby pure liquid, sorbolene and essential oils. IT IS NOT TO BE TAKEN, but you can put the Gumby Gumby salve on every skin area of your body and face where you believe it is needed. This salve is also a skin purifier. We have been told and know of excellent results from its use and its special qualities. For further information please search the internet or ask people who already use Gumby Gumby products.

Bubble Bath
Our latest product is the fantastic, refreshing Gumby Gumby Bubble Bath that will give your body a fabulous moisturised and relaxed feeling. We use only the best ingredients made from pure Gumby Gumby liquid and essential oils and vitamin E. Our Gumby Gumby Bubble Bath also purifies the skin with all the benefits that your stressed skin may need. More information about how Gumby Gumby benefits your skin and well-being can be found by researching the internet.