Gumby Gumby


We have spent many years researching this wonderful plant, we drove thousands of kilometers and collected Gumby Gumby from the bush. All of us are personally convinced of their benefits. We are in the process of propagating Gumby Gumby and testing to ensure that "farmed" Gumby Gumby retains the same properties as the one grown in the wild.

Research has already been done and is currently undertaken by universities and relevant scientific bodies indicates that Pittosporum angustifolium (formerly Pittosporum phylliraeoides) could have healthy benefits over and above the effects described on our website.

We conduct ongoing research to find more about the benefits of this wonderful herbal remedy Gumbi Gumbi and our Gumby Gumby products. You can find further information on the internet..

As part of our on-going research and due to public demand we are now offering eight Gumby Gumby products for sale. This will aid us in continuing research and the travel and time required to collect Gumby Gumby and then treat it to ensure it is both safe and easy to take.

Our Gumby Gumby Tea, Liquid and Powder/Seed products are currently classified under the "Food Standards Australian New Zealand FSANZ".

Our Gumby Gumby Salve and Bath Addition products are currently classified under the "Cosmetic Standards ICNA".

We are holding an Australian patent since 2008 on the Leaf Liquid Extract (Pittosporum angustifolium formerly Pittosporum phylliraeoides) and all our food and cosmetic products that contain it.